The recent attempt at constitutional reform to Colombia’s military jurisdiction: Context, implications and perspectives for subsequent debates


Introduction – I. MILITARY CRIMINAL JURISDICTION IN COLOMBIA BEFORE THE ATTEMPT AT CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM – A. Military jurisdiction under the 1991 Colombian Constitution and Constitutional Court Jurisprudence – B. Legislative Act 02 of 1995 and Constitutional Court Decision C-358/97 – C. Law 522 of 1999: The New Military Code – D. Holdings from the Superior Council of the Judicature on military jurisdiction – E. Colombia's "false positive" phenomenon and the military forum – F. Military jurisdiction before the attempt at constitutional reform – II. THE ATTEMPT AT CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM TO THE MILITARY CRIMINAL JURISDICTION: LEGISLATIVE ACT 02 OF 2012 – A. Background and justification of the proposed reform – B. Process and approval of the Constitutional reform – C. The Constitutional reform's content and implications – D. The un-constitutionality of Legislative Act 02 of 2012. III. CONCLUSIONS - Bibliography.