Global Financial Standards and Networks: the Global Administrative Law Perspective


Introduction – I. THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARCHITECTURE – A. The G7, the G20, the IMF and the World Bank – B. A "Network of Networks": the Financial Stability Board (FSB) – C. The Transnational Regulatory Networks (TRNs): the BCBS and the IOSCO – D. The Private Organizations: the IASB and the IFAC – E. Summing Up – II. THE STANDARDS AND THE STANDARD-SETTING PROCEDURE – A. The 12 'Key' Standards of the FSB Compendium – B. The Basel Capital Accord – C. The IOSCO Code of Conduct Fundamentals for Credit Rating Agencies – D. The FSB Recommendations – E. Summing Up – III. THE IMPLEMENTATION: BETWEEN HARD AND SOFT LAW – A. The Incorporation in Binding Acts – B. The Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) and the Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs) – C. The Peer Reviews – D. Summing Up – IV. CONCLUDING REMARKS – Bibliography.